Most Antiviruses editors provide their own management solution. While it is a good solution for most companies, it can be an expensive solution. Besides, most antiviruses management services are not open-source, leading users to worrying about their data.

Also, Armadito for GLPI aims to be a free and open-source alternative for these needs. Conceived as modular as possible, it should offer a reduced development effort for new features. In addition, a great attention is given to code quality, see for details.

Because Armadito for GLPI is a plugin for GLPI, it means that if you already use GLPI, you won’t have to install and configure a new server dedicated to Antiviruses management. It also means that computer inventories are automatically associated with armadito agents. Furthermore, you will be able to select and execute actions on computers from the GLPI’s menu Assets > Computers.