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Armadito for GLPI

Armadito for GLPI is an open-source solution to manage computer antiviruses on IT infrastructures. It could be used to manage various kind of Antiviruses.

Key points :

  • Open source
  • Multi Antiviruses
  • Multi Operating Systems
  • Multi Task schedulers

Main features :

  • Scan : on-demand scan deployment on computers
  • Alerts : centralization of alerts (realtime + on-demand scans)
  • AVConfig : centralized remote configuration
  • State : databases updates and antivirus states

Compatibility matrix :

Antivirus OS Versions Scan Alerts AVConfig State
Armadito Linux 0.12.8 Yes Yes Soon Yes
Kaspersky Windows 17.0.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESET Nod32 Linux 4.0 Yes Yes Soon Yes
Avast Windows   Soon Soon Soon Soon
360TotalSec Windows   Soon Soon Soon Soon

This solution can be divided into two subprojects :

  • armadito-agent : client-side part installed on each managed computer.
  • armadito-glpi : server-side part developed as a plugin for GLPI.